Collateral Damage

We are not summarizing the issues, if the electricity is generated by a coal or nuclear power plant, LCA, resources, etc., there is a heavy discussion ongoing, please search the web via "DuckDuckGo" for such facts.

We're just raising one issue, namelly the loss of taxes in Austria. You must know, that our national budget is based on heavy taxes for transport. There are several taxes, which are required to finance important sectors in Austria. Depending on the fuel consumption a car owner is paying more than 80% taxes. Now, our government has set exemptions for electric cars in force, which led to the situation, that absolutely no taxes are paid by electric car owners.

 If everybody, who owns for instance a diesel car in Austria is following the directive set in law by the austrian government, the state would loose EUR,- per year. So, electric cars are causing a collateral damage of 3 billion Euro per year!, or 3 milliard for the british.