What should i do (FAQ)?:

The market entry of a non-mature technology, like electric cars, is a huge challenge for the consumer. In order to overcome the first trouble phase we can advise you as follows:

    1. Warum ist die ganze Seite in Englisch?: Wir finanzieren alle unsere Aktivitäten vollständig selbst, daher mussten wir uns auf eine Sprache beschränken, außerdem paßt dies zu unser Top-Level-Domain .us.
    2. Why is the first question in german?: We don't provide other languages than english on this website and the stickers are in german. Furthermore, the historical story of these stickers is more or less just known in german speaking countries, so we had to made the connection to the current international campaign.
    3. Should i buy an e-vehicle now?: No, companies like Tesla are excellent reserach instiututes and PR-agencies, but no car manufacturers in terms we are used to it. Also all the other renowned car companies are selling products, which are on a Maturity readiness level, like the cars before the first world war.
    4. When should i buy an electric vehicle?: Maybe in 10 years, we'll let you know if you subscribe to our newsletter.
    5. Why are electric cars much more expensive than the existing standard?: You must understand, that many components must be devloped from scratch and all the development costs are subdivided to each car they sell. For instance, the development of direct injected diesel engines have been depreciated on millions of cars during a period of more than 10 years, so specific development costs of electric cars are much higher.
    6. Why have been billions of Dollars spent the past 10-20 years into such a development?: Electric cars are of benefit for local emissions, the efficiency is higher, etc. Thus, it may be a disruptive technology with high potential. If so, the technology leaders in this sectors may change the rules and gain high profits if they succeed.
    7. Which car should i buy now?: If you are in the position to afford more cars buy NG, diesel or gasoline cars and use them during the upcoming years. If you are obliqued to decide for one single car buy a Natural Gas car. They are affordable, mature and the fuel costs are half of gasoline cars and also less than diesel cars. If you would like to go green buy biomethane certificates and drive carbonfree.
    8. Will there be a recommendable technology available soon?: Maybe the direction goes into the utilization fuel cells. If so, and if the development of electric components is going on no transmission and other heavy power train components will be necessary anymore in a near future. In such a case a fuel cell can provide the same comfort in terms of filling and range. Local emissions will be nearly as low as with battery vehicles. The fuel cell could be powered by methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, etc. If the choice will be hydrogen hopefully we won't set up the next parallel hydrogen infrastructure with filling stations, etc. again. In such a case the hydrogen should be generated from (renewable) natural gas. The efficiency of such converters is 90% and they are rather small. Then we can continue with the existing infrastructure and avoid high costs, which are usually paid by the end consumer.
    9. May i use an electrical car for long distances or for our family's holiday drive?: No chance. If the infrastructure at touristic sites will be enhanced you may find a central charging station, but we don't think that such countries will invest into new nuclear power plants in order to power these filling stations. If you are friendly to your host you may charge your car at your accommocation and pay for the electricity, which is equivalent to the electrical energy you need for the entire flat for one week.

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